Bubbles and brunch

VRC Chef Ryan Flaherty and G.H. Mumm ambassador Emmanuel de Madre help you craft the perfect Champagne brunch.


Buckwheat blini (Russian pancake) Garnish with crème fraiche, smoked salmon, chives and caviar.

G.H. Mumm recommends: Mumm RSRV Blanc de Blancs 2013

Mini croissant Fillings options are truffled scrambled eggs, crab and spicy mayonnaise, and ham and cheese (but be fancy and use Jarlsberg and Jamon).

G.H. Mumm recommends: Mumm Vintage 2012

French toast Soak mini brioche in sweetened egg mix and then pan fry or grill. Serve with dulce de leche (a delicious caramel spread) or caramelised banana, vanilla custard, candied bacon bits, and cinnamon sugar.

G.H. Mumm recommends: Mumm Grand Cordon

Fruit skewers Some colourful choices are pineapple, kiwi, all types of melon, strawberry, mango, blueberries, grapes and banana. A sweetened lavender and honey yoghurt is a great accompaniment.

G.H. Mumm recommends: Grand Cordon Rosé

Mini quiches, mini frittata, mini bagels, mini muffins Pretty much anything mini works for breakfast.

G.H. Mumm recommends: Mumm 4


Sweet treats 

Pain au Chocolat Use par-bake options. They’re as close to freshly baked without having to make a run to the bakery in the morning.

Macarons They add a touch of finesse to any meal.


Beverage Tips

Pop the bubbly! Emmanuel de Madre, G.H. Mumm brand ambassador, is here to show you how to put the fizz in your Champagne brunch.

  • Prepare your wines by putting them in the fridge one day before your brunch.
  • If the Champagne needs a last-minute cool down, fill a bucket with half ice and half water to get as much contact as possible between the cool temperature and the bottle.
  • A non-vintage (NV) Champagne should be served at around eight degrees, while a Vintage should be enjoyed at 10 degrees to appreciate its full complexity. 
  • Pouring your champagne into elegant white wine glasses will reveal more aromas and enhance your tasting experience.
  • Only pour your glass one-third full, to give the wine some space to breathe.
  • Make sure that your Champagne matches the food you have prepared, and try to avoid ingredients that are sweet, bitter and acidic.

Cocktail suggestion

Mumm 75


  • 15ml Beefeater London dry gin
  • 15ml elderflower liqueur
  • 15ml lemon juice
  • 80ml Mumm Grand Cordon Rosé
  • Shake and serve in a coupe glass, garnished with a lemon peel.


For more information, visit www.mumm.com


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